Instruments & Sound object

My approach take a look on 'hybrid instrument'. 'Hybrid' is about I'm mixing heritage with new technologies, like I control digitally electro-mechanic objects (as DC motor, vibrator, solenoid,...) on home build instrument.
So, mainly I insert electro-mechanism onto an acoustic/physic element for make them produce sound.
The combination impart specific result and link to a computer, that extend the playing expressivity by organising singular pattern and effect, crazy clock processus,...
I don’t try to reproduce existing instrument or gesture but to seek into sounds experiences. They’re gathering ancestral lutherie technics and digital/electronic engineering.


The Magneton is a steel chassis instrument with 8 metal strings drive by magnetic bows


6 strings instruments drives by e-bows and amplified with pick-up's and contact mic. Built on an entire wood body. That's my personnal instrument and one's of the most powerfull


Sturdy 4 strings instrument based on the e-String shape and magnetic bow. Built during a workshop with a carpentry class.


The girolum is based on a wood body with nylon strings 'whiped' by a stick handled by the rotation of motors.


The StickBass is a 2 metal strings rotatively hit by a nylon stick moving on tilt position for bite more or less the string. A guitar pick up amplify the string vibration

Les tiges

The Tiges are based on 2 PVC tube with a Skin, hit by a rotated stick. The rotating motor is set on a screw and make vary the distance and pressure apply by the stick and effect the tone

the Drums

Vibrator are set on skin drums and make them vibrate

the Cymbals

A stick move on distance by a screw come rub/brush the edge of cymbals and make them resonate

the Cajon

A Solenïd come hit the wood of the box, making percussive sound