La Ligne Latérale

Sound-visual installation

In an area plunged into darkness, visitors will find themselves isolated and deprived of their usual spatial. Sound and light are the unique materials that make up the installation space. Sound and light pulses in moving define the new geography of the place, its limitations and its qualities.With the slightest movement or vibration, polymorphic spaces emerge and change. Clearings, boundaries, and roads form and deform – permanently in flux. Each of these spaces acquire unique characteristics based on the range of sounds and lights implemented. Each sound is a real electrical noise, without amplification or speaker. The sound and light form an inseparable ensemble, the elementary unit of the installation. Rattling, sparkling, buzzing, lights and flashes shape the climate and atmosphere of the experience. Visitors must tame these new benchmarks in first. Gradually, the sound and light become familiar elements, sufficiently clear or intelligible to define the place. The work relation is progressively built by the journey and by the contemplation.

Florent Colautti : composer
Jeremy Galvan : architect
Emilien Ghomi : hardware & software development
Hugo De Oliveira : lightning design

Production : Arcadi, La muse en circuit, CAC la Traverse, Chateau Ephémère, Conseil Général du Val de Marne, Fées d’hiver