Interactive sound installation

The installation points to a critical phenomenon of our atmosphere invaded by invisible and odorless phenomena, the ‘waves’.
[O]nde makes tangible these vibrations of our daily life by giving to hear and feel the invisible radiation of waves called “radio frequencies waves” » emitted by our smartphones and wifi networks.
The installation capture these vibratory phenomena and resonates to deliver the existence of these.
The strings staged here trap the waves to create a sound space audible by our human ears.

The capture and variation of the waves activate the electromagnetic bows that vibrate the strings. These generate a sound material that varies depending on the character and intensity of the waves present. The vibratory movement of the strings reveals the impalpable materiality of the waves that interfere in our environment.
‘[O]nde’ seeks to raise public awareness about the invisible and impalpable by creating a relationship between two types of waves: those called radio frequencies – imperceptible – and those called audible – perceptible.

Concept: Florent Colautti
Réalisation, construction: Florent Colautti, Romain Colautti
Développement technique (capteur): Dominique Richard
Aide à la technique: Trublion, Joseph Larralde

Producteur délégué: fées d’hiver, centre de création d’arts numérique
Partenaires: Le Shadok, Lutherie urbaine, Collectif culture Essonne.