Contemporay electronic duet

Florent Colautti : e-String
François Wong : saxophone électrifié

Florent and François dive into the depth of sound emerging from the “hybridization” of their two instruments : its matter, characteristics and quality. They travel down a path where noise and rhythms, like pitched sounds, interact and enable the creation of new soundscapes. Yet, they don’t ignore the foundation of acoustic sound.

Florent plays a homebuilt string instrument called “e-String”, using electromagnetic bows, which he pilots from his computer. Pulse and continuous textures are processed for shaping live and abstract material.
François plays the baritone saxophone which is connected to his computer and various effects units. He then focused on wave process to transform acoustic sound and to depart from the traditional use of the instrument, but his breath still remains…

U-t-O-P-i — 2015, label “A la Muse”
Polyphasie — 2013, CD-R Release / Limited — 100 copies
e-SaxBow #1 — 2009