Florent Colautti’s broad experiences have influenced expressions and explorations so present in his electronic/acoustic music today. He studied classical music as a child, and received training in Architecture and Restoration of Ancient Heritage as a young adult. He then attended Conservatoire de Bordeaux to focus his life’s work on electronic/acoustic music, and then with P. Leroux, T. Blondeau, R.R. Larivière in Paris. Colautti now constructs electro-acoustic instruments, conceptualizes sound installations, composes electronic/acoustic pieces, and provides electronic/acoustic workshops.

He has collaborated with art centers, companies and musicians around the world. His projects have been presented in France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Canada, and the United States. His works have been featured at festivals including Extension-La muse en circuit, Nuit d’Hiver-GRIM, Futura-Cie Motus, Sonic Odyssey-Los Angeles, In-Sonora-Madrid, Digital Marrakech-Morocco. He has performed live at venues including 104 in Paris, Center for New Music in San Francisco, CAPC in Bordeaux, and the Desingel international art center in Anvers. His current collaborations include e-SaxBow, and another collective called Studio Corp Electriques focused on arts-music-space research and development to allow for multi-sensory experiences.

Colautti is well-known for his conception and construction of the “e-String” which is a hybrid and homebuilt electronic/acoustic instrument. His compositions suggest an auditory journey where acoustic waves becomes abstract textures. To sustain this on-going project, he completed a residency through “Arts & Science actions” of SCRIME & Bordeaux University in 2012-2013. He has published on labels ‘A la Muse‘,  Les Potagers Natures and Corps Electriques, and has also edited on Alfonse production and BabelScores.

He has received accolades for his work in France and abroad (IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, Orford Art Center, Imal, and Musique & Recherches). Colautti received a DEM composition 1st prize at Conservatoire de Bordeaux. He also received the Sacem Prize, 1st prize in the competition “Vacances Percutantes” for a percussion quartet. His piece “Jupiter” receive public award and Mention Bernard Donzel-Gargand for the best narrative work on Luigi Russolo International Sound Art Competition.
Colautti received funding and grants from “Hessen-Aquitaine” (foundation Heinrich Mann) and “George Sand-Frédéric Chopin” (Foundation Genshagen). His work has also been accepted into competitions such as the “Banc d’essai-InaGRM”, “Mixtur” and “Sirga” festivals, and he was finalist on St Bertrand de Comminges Organ contest.


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