With Rafales, Bertrand continues his research into notions of origin and exploration of wave-like movements in a scene that brings together the fluid dynamics of wind, a material landscape and a couple. Like an archaeological site, Rafalesseeks to make visible the in-between space through the first breath that unites and the last breath that separates. It is a scene whose setting could be the fluid world of the maternal womb just as it could be the sunbaked sand of an arena of antiquity. The duo is at once a polymorphous couple and a hermaphrodite being as they immerse themselves in a quest for shared pulsation, seeking a common rhythm. A dialectical landscape emerges between individual collapse and mutual stability, between breathing and apnea, between weightlessness and gravity.

Concept, choreography & interpretation | Benjamin Bertrand
Creative assistant & interpretation |Léonore Zurflüh
Sound design & interpretation | Florent Colautti
Set design | Benjamin Bertrand & Patrick Laffont
Light design | Abigail Fowler
Costum design | Cédrick Debeuf

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