Je brûle, et elle s'inclina de quelques degrés...

Interactive & contemplative sound installation

A world in turmoil

This installation looks at and makes an ecological statement about the responsibility of human action in global warming and its dramatic consequences on the environment (anthropization*). Through the relationship between the dance of a flame and bubbles of air rising in water, this installation exhibits the fragility of our planet. A flame sways at the slightest movement of air and causes swirls in columns of water. The installation reveals, in a ritual scenography, the fragile balance that exists between different ecosystems that coexist in symbiosis on our planet. The gentle heat of a flame questions our place in the midst of these fragile environments, in a world
in perpetual turmoil.
(*) In geography and ecology, anthropization is the transformation of spaces, landscapes, ecosystems or semi-natural environments under the action of humans.

co-production Fées d’hiver, Le Hublot