La turbulence du papillon

Interactive sound installation

« The beating of the wings of a butterfly can activate a tornado at the other end of the world. »

This powerful concept requires us to reflect upon the phenomenal world in which we experience physical rules. This installation highlights the invisible, the imperceptible, and the unspeakable in a fragile balance which is both insecure and sensitive. At a time when the collective consciousness assimilates the delicate balance of our planet, where every behavior causes chain reactions.
Balloons, filled with helium and weighted with ballasts (and a motion sensor), float in precarious balance occupying a space delimited by nets. Visitors are invited to consider ways in which alive form are impacted by environmental interactions: flows of hot and cold air, invisible masses, generates alterations of the space stability. As each balloon moves, a sound is produced to highlight a multiplicity of lives and ecologies.

Co-production Fées d’hiver
Développement dispositif intéractif : Emilien Ghomi /