e-String is first an homebuilt string instrument with electromagnetic bows (e-bow) piloted by the computer. Then, I amplify the string sound and process it. The instrument offers special sound modes: short sounds, continuous sounds, pitched or not, and various behaviors related to electronic control and transformations.
The instrument sounds acoustic, but amplification (pickups + contacts) recovers various audio qualities. I’m focused on shaping the matter of the strings, carving and reconstructing it, but also on the physical quality and texture of the acoustic string vibrations. In a plastic approach to sound, but also by the spread in the environment, I’m focused on sound morphologies and metamorphoses. My compositions develop a link between the acoustic instrument and electronic material, and they suggest an auditory journey where acoustic waves becomes abstract textures. Forged by listening to sound and space, I submit the listener to an internal journey in a contemplative and sensitive way. Between stubborn pulsations and continuously moving noisy or harmonics sounds, the substance constantly changes. It is fragile and unstable. I explore emotional characteristics of energy and matter, sensory and physical. By creating a loss of material, a distance with the origin (the vibration of a string) I consolidate a living environment that is expanding, compressing, and floating in physical and auditory space. In the ambiguity between the droop sensation and internal vibrational energy, I attempt to create a state of suspension, a letting-go force of time and reality.

e-String project receive 1st sustain from the SCRIME, and a larger sustain current 2012/2013, through a residency within Art & Science actions from the SCRIME in convention with Bordeaux I university, LaBRI, IPB and Bordeaux conservatory.
In 2017, e-String project receive Sustain by le Shadok and Lutherie Urbaine.
On 2019, I get a command by Archipel Scène Nationale de Perpignan, for a Solo piece played during Festival Aujourd'hui Musiques.